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Our guiding elements are successfully used in tool, mould, machine and fixture construction.

Be it in jig construction, where great forces are exerted on the guiding elements, or in the electrics industry, in which speeds of far exceeding 1,000 hub/min are reached, our guiding elements are successfully in use.

We offer you a comprehensive range of stock standard elements. We react flexibly to individual requirements and ensure you receive the optimum product for your application.


Guide pillars:

  • Smooth according to ISO 9182-2/ DIN 9825
  • For jig construction, ISO 9182-3/DIN 9833
  • With collar, ISO 9182-5/ DIN 9833
  • With centre collar
  • Switch guide pillar with conical shaft, ISO 9182-4/ DIN 9825

Guide bushing:

  • With collar, ISO 9448-6/ DIN 9831
  • With flange, 9448-4/ DIN 9831
  • Steel/bronze with solid lubricant, 9448-2/ DIN 9831
  • Ball guide bushing, smooth and with collar, ISO 9448-7/ DIN 9831
  • Ball cages
  • With bronze collar and solid lubricant, ISO 9448/ DIN 9834
  • Roller guides