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The most stressed part of the cutting and pressing tool is the punch. As a punch manufacturer right from the word go, Veith helped form the developments in this area. Over the decades we have set standards with our quality standards, which are continously optimised to this day, as quality and precision are our passion.

We offer a wide range of stamp versions in various materials for the variety of application possibilities (Punch executions). A heat treatment aligned to the materials and type of application, as well as any kind of surface treatment are a part of our range of services.

From a simple DIN stamp, to highly complex special parts we are in a position to always offer the customer optimum results.

Thanks to our generous inventory we can offer our customers a 24-hour delivery service in many versions.

In order to ensure the correct seat of the punch in the punch plate we recommend our counterbore, which was specially designed for this purpose.

If you compare our variety, our options coupled with our expertise, we offer our customers a globally unique combination that you can use to your advantage.