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Veith products have been proving themselves in the screw, rivet and chain industry for decades. High edge stability, compression strength, smooth surfaces and stability are a matter of course at Veith. We create complicated shapes in a grinding process or with a modified sunk erosion process. This is how we reliably achieve an Rz value of 1.0 µm.

In the area of cold forming you will also achieve outstanding results with Veith precision parts. 6 – Lobe/Pix – punchs are particularly noteworthy. They are available in a compressed version up to size P 100 from storage or by customer request. Furthermore, we are in a position to fulfil every individual customer requirement in terms of material, heat and surface treatments.

The requirements of extruding press punchs for toughness and wear-resistance are enormously high; these have been continuously improved by in-house developments. Depending on your requirements, you can receive our extruding press punchs from various high-speed steel alloys, powder-metallurgical steels or hard metal goods suitable for your process. For the further improvement of service life, the punchs are coated and/or additionally polished. With this in mind, we have concentrated our efforts on expanding this product line. And we have done so with success.


  • Consistently hard pre-punching pins
  • Pix – punchs
  • Gauges
  • Go/No-Go gauges
  • Triple needles
  • Twelve-sided/six-sided punchs
  • Extruded press punchs made from HSS and hard metal