"From a stamping supplier of the first hour to a system supplier" - this is a short description of Veith's development in the automotive sector. Our ability to innovate and our adherence to delivery dates form the foundation for the trust placed in us by all German automotive manufacturers.

With a well thought-out and well sorted stock of finished and semi-finished parts, as well as flexible production possibilities with sufficient machine capacity, we are able to guarantee the required short delivery times.

With our products, we have helped to enable the use of high-strength sheet grades and aluminum components in the automotive industry.

  • Round and profile cutting punches according to VDI 3374
  • Round and profile cutting punches according to Mercedes-Benz standard
  • Round and Profile Quick Change Punch / Ball Lock
  • Punch holders for cylinder-head punches and for quick-change cutting punches
  • Cutting bushes
  • Cutting bushes according to VDI 3347
  • Gas springs and accessories
  • Slide plates according to VDI 3357
  • Precision dowel pins in tolerance m4
  • Marking tools

Medicine / Pharmaceutical industry

VEITH products give you the µ-accurate precision required in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

With the use of state-of-the-art technologies and highly trained employees, we can draw on our many years of experience.


  • Mold cores and accessories
  • Ejector pins and sleeves
  • Ejector grease
  • Date stamp
  • Tablet stamp
  • Acid and rust resistant test pins

Mechanical Engineering

In mechanical engineering, we are represented with our broad manufacturing diversity in a wide variety of components. Our strength here lies in drawing-based special parts in high-precision design in terms of shape and surface.

  • Axes
  • Bolt
  • Waves
  • Pens
  • Planetary radar axes
  • Buffer elements made of ELADUR
Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is indispensable within the manufacturing value chain and has a broad portfolio.

Standard and special parts, especially in carbide design or pressure-resistant PM grades, are often used here.

  • Cutting stamp
  • Ejector
  • Mold cores
  • Sockets
Food industry

The food industry is one of the five largest sectors in Germany. With our diverse production capabilities and products, we are able to supply components for the entire production chain of the food industry.

  • Food-safe ELADUR special parts
  • Springs for agricultural equipment
  • Standard and special parts for the packaging industry
  • Perforation stamp